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Marc HermannLithograph of tailors and seamstress by L. Prang & Co., Boston, 1874, from Library of CongressMYRTLE AVENUE CLOTHIERS was founded in 2001 by Marc Hermann and Alaina Zulli (A.A., Patternmaking Technology, Fashion Institute of Technology), as an expansion of our commitment to accuracy in historical recreation. Sewing at first for ourselves and then for friends led us to offer our skills to the living history community for their military and civilian clothing needs.

Our name comes from Myrtle Avenue, the Brooklyn, New York thoroughfare; during the Civil War, this was something of the city's main street. Countless shops and enterprises made their home on Myrtle Avenue, and so we thought it an appropriate name for a historical clothing business with Brooklyn roots.

Over the years, Myrtle Avenue Clothiers has changed its offerings to reflect customer demand, all while attempting to make some unique products. Our garments are copied, whenever possible, from original samples, oftentimes drawing on several resources (including photographs and written descriptions) to ensure that our replicas truly represent what was worn by America's soldiers and civilians during the mid-19th century.

We have been privileged to personally examine garments in both public and private collections, including Gettysburg National Military Park, the West Point Museum, New York City Fire Museum, and Suffolk County Historical Society.

Our garments are used by discriminating living historians who seek more out of their Civil War experience by placing a strong emphasis on material culture. In addition, our products have been utilized in television documentaries and films. We have also been called upon to manufacture specialty stunt uniforms which are produced to outwardly resemble a standard Civil War garment, but made so as to economically allow for squib/FX use.

We look forward to being of service to you!

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