Myrtle Avenue Clothiers

A Closer Look

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Enlisted Federals on Pontoon Bridge

"Pontoon bridge across North Anna, below railroad bridge, where a portion of the 2nd Corps under Gen. Hancock crossed"
Central VA
Circa May 1864

1. Soldier the First. Standing on the right of the group on the bridge is this fellow, who defies all "expert" knowledge by smirking at the camera, with some sort of walking stick -- is that a bandage tied around his left arm?

2. Soldier the Second...and third and fourth. The seated soldier has his trousers tucked into his socks, something that people are split 50/50 over doing in a living history context. Might it be overrepresented among re-enactors? I'll let you decide. Also note the "elliptical" chevrons on the Sergeant in the background. The two prominent men are wearing military style vests.

3. As issued, and beyond. These two have a classic "as issued" look. Their stuff isn't tailored, and you'd be hard-pressed to find someone wearing such an ill-fitting forage cap as the man in the rear is at a living history event. The seated man looks to be wearing a kepi, possibly a private-purchase item, as may be the shell jacket worn by the aforementioned standing man.

4. Out of the ring? The towel draped around his neck makes him look like he just did three against Tyson.

5. Somethin' fishy. This man in the foreground has fashioned a crude fishing pole and is waiting to see what the waters of the North Anna may yield. Or, he's just holding a branch and lurking. (This photo is much larger than our other photos.)

6. The unblinking eye, or...? An officer in the deep background takes his mount for a watery stroll, obviously not too concerned with our slacker friends on our end of the river.

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