Myrtle Avenue Clothiers

Civilian Items

If you would like to order any of these items, please contact Marc through e-mail at [email protected] or telephone (917) 407-9180 first to make sure we still have them, or to request additional pictures. For more information about ordering, please visit our Terms & Contact page.

Civilian Overshirt

Worn in lieu of proper uniforms, or as part of the civilian's occupational costume, the overshirt was a common garment in the mid-19th century. Red, blue, grey, white, and striped flannel shirts are frequently found in merchandise listings of ready-made clothes dealers of the period, and photographic evidence shows that these were favored by firemen, sailors, and other manual laborers for their durability yet light weight.

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Men's Clothing

“Fashion in the 19th Century changed with as much abandon and fervor as it does today. Gentlemen's clothing was no exception and regardless of occupation, class or location, dressing well meant keeping up with fashion.” Corner Clothiers

Myrtle Avenue Clothiers has ceased general production of civilian clothing, and we unhesitatingly recommend our friends and associates Kara Bartels and Brian Merrick of Corner Clothiers. From time to time, we may offer civilian garments through their retail location in Gettysburg or on our own In Stock page.

Women's Clothing

We are no longer able to accept orders for custom ladies' garments. However, we do not hesitate to recommend our friend Anna Allen of The Graceful Lady for all of your women's clothing needs. As Anna states on her website, “Every article of clothing is made with the utmost care and attention to detail. I am very particular about the authenticity of my garments and try my best to make them the way they were made over 140 years ago.”