Complaint of James B. Fitzgerald of Hose 36 vs. Ira M. Clapp of Hose 26 - March 6, 1861. Clapp was a caulker by trade, and resided at 456 Grand Street. He was appointed to the Fire Department on February 15, 1858.

    James B. Fitzgerald, Hose 36            Sworn
"At an alarm of fire, Sunday February 26 as we was going up Chatham Hill, Clapp hit me on the back with his horn and said get out of the way you Son of a B. After I reached the fire I told the Chief of it in presence of Clapp and he (Clapp) said I lied and hit me again."

    John Decker, Chief Engineer            Sworn
"At alarm refered to I followed both Co. & when I stopped I saw a crowd on the walk and Fitzgerald said to me here the man that hit me, meaning Clapp. At that Clapp said he lied and he hit him. I saw no provocation for it."

    James F. Winnan, Engine 57            Sworn
"Was present at the affair refered to. See Fitzgerald and heard him tell the Chief that Clapp hit. At that Clapp said you lie you Son of a B. and hit him."

    Owen McCullough, Hose 26            Sworn
"See Clapp first in Chatham Square. Saw Fitzgerald and heard him tell Chief that Clapp hit him. Clapp was across the street at the time and came over and told Fitzgerald that he lied and hit at him. He was about 9 feet from Fitzgerald at the time. Did not see Clapp hit Fitzgerald on Chatham Square."

                                            Ira M. Clapp, Hose 26