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As our group is designed primarily¬† as an adjunt for already-affiliated living historians, we try to keep a light schedule. However, from time to time there will be what we consider "max effort" events, those where the scenario is well-suited for our specific portrayals. We also are looking to do school presentations about the people we represent. Teachers interested in having us should contact Marc Hermann at [email protected] or (917) 407-9180. The schedule will be updated periodically, and members are highly encouraged to submit events for consideration.

We will be portraying the 17th NY Veteran Volunteer Infantry, circa late '64. This regiment was the result of a consolidation immediately following the Draft Riots of the 17th, 38th, 11th (remnants of the First Fire Zouaves), and 9th NY, with some members having previously seen service in the notorious 6th NY "Wilson's Zouaves." In October, the regiment was engaged in pushing Hood through Alabama before participating in Sherman's march through Georgia. The regiment had adopted a zouave uniform similar to that of the 9th NY, but for our purposes, we will dress as common representatives of Sherman's army. Assigned to the 2nd Division of the XIV Corps, their insignia was a white acorn. People will ask if it's a sign that we're nuts. Tell 'em yes. Please visit this site for a great history of the regiment:

Ideally, the uniform should be a "sack n' slouch" combination. Battered Hardee hats, civilian hats, commercial or issue fatigue blouses. Enfields preferred, Springfields accepted (that would be me.) Drill is Hardee's.  

As always, our emphasis this weekend will be on historical interpretation. We hope to have a little place where we can set up (i.e. Sham and Glam) and lure the questions and interest of the good spectators and give them an up-close-and-personal look. Bayonet drill, anyone? Don't forget, these guys were old Zouaves at heart.

Of course, that good ol' Daybreak B'hoy swagger and strut are appreciated and appropriate for this impression.

  • MARCH, 2003: Averasboro, NC (with the Liberty Rifles)
Typically held every two years, Averasboro affords a unique opportunity to live the soldiers' experience on ground almost identical to the original site. Held in the sandy pine groves of eastern North Carolina, an impressive assembly of serious living historians portrays the 17th New York Vets (see description above) at the battle of Averasboro. Be prepared to dig in! We sleep, eat, and freeze in trenches that we dig ourselves, all while under fire from the enemy trenches a few hundred feet away. Groups of spectators are led through our position by an interpreter, which is a great time to use some of that Bowery lingo! Ladies portray local refugees.

  • JULY, 2003: Draft Riots, Old Bethpage Village Restoration
The Southern Guard and National Regiment join forces to portray Army of the Potomac regiments pulled from the front and sent to Jamaica, Queens during the draft. The situation there should be a little bit calmer than what went on in Manhattan, but we have been asked to provide a little bit of mischief and harassment.

This should be a lot of fun for us. For those who have never been there, Bethpage one of the premiere restoration villages in the northeast with plenty of room for us to play. Plans are still being finalized, with your input welcome. We should try to make this a maximum effort event.

  • AUGUST 30-31, 2003: Civil War Weekend, Museum Village , Monroe, NY (TBD)
Traditionally, the Liberty Rifles picks a portrayal for this event, at which it is the featured living history and interpretive unit. More info to follow.

Last updated: Oct. 5, 2002