"...thieves, pickpockets, beggars, harlots, and degenerates of every type."

Marc Hermann
Takes full legal responsibility for this thing...Marc is a resident of Brooklyn, NY, just a quick subway ride away from the neighborhoods where the gangs once reigned supreme. He is a member of the Hardtack Society/SAC Co. of the Liberty Rifles, and the 14th Brooklyn NYSM Society of New York. Known for dragging lucky visitors on minutiae-filled tours of the Bowery and Five Points (Alaina being one such victim), Marc is intimately familiar with modern-day murder and mayhem, as a photographer for the New York Daily News and Brooklyn Daily Eagle. He volunteers at the New York City Fire Museum, and is waiting to be appointed by the Fire Department, despite the current hiring freeze.

Alaina Zulli
Alaina is currently studying at The Fashion Institute of Technology, where she is being groomed to be a pawn in the mass-sportswear industry. She hopes, however, that four more years of college will allow her to fulfill her dream of spending her life accessioning dead people's stuff in the dusty, olive-green basement of the Suffolk County Historical Society. When not researching or sewing, Alaina spends her free time running barefoot in Long Island Sound, tending her garden (for the benefit of the local woodchuck population), and baking fabulous chocolate chip cookies.

Brian Steffey
Also member of the 3rd NJ and the Hardtack Society/SAC Co., Liberty Rifles. Brian is a drummer (who can actually play military music) and an artist as well . You can find him in the funnel cake line at any major reenactment . (Editor's note: Sarcasm implied...) In his free time he enjoys going to hardcore shows . Tragically, he toils at Starbucks. Go ahead, laugh it up...I can hear you all now. "He works at Starbucks! Haha."

Jason Wickersty
A member of the 3rd NJ and waiting for his official membership pin and certificate from the Hardtack Society. His grandmother is of Irish birth, emigrating from Skibbereen, County Cork, and Jason, tired of being called the quiet nice one, wants to live up to her assertion that Corkonians are nuts and hurl some bricks to let his tempestuous Irish heritage out. He is currently double majoring is U.S. History and Film, and minoring in French and Music at a quaint New Jersey college that serves a nice shepherd's pie. He aspires to produce a 'Band of Brothers' for the Civil War and play sitar in a marching Klezmer band.

Katie Vogel
A resident of Hartland, Michigan, Katie can be seen covered in dust, mud, rain, and general muck at most any reenactment. She is an active member of her school's dramatics society (now doesn't that sound snooty?), history club, and about a million other things. Although not from the New York area, she assures us that she'll come out east once in a while, soon to be seen on a street corner near you selling radishes and strawberries, seasons pending.

Shaun Grenan
Doesn't want us to know that he's really a Pennsylvanian, Shaun is 2nd Lieutenant of the 114th Penna. Regiment, Co. A "Collis' Zouaves," and can also be seen portraying Col. Elmer Ellsworth of the First Fire Zouaves. He maintains an online Zouave database at www.zouavedatabase.org and can be found behind the counter  in the bookstore at the Gettysburg Visitor Center hustling postcards to hapless touristas.

Jim Abels
Bio coming soon.

The following members have not submitted photos or bios yet, perhaps because they have committed infamous crimes?



Last updated: January 31, 2004