Federal Issue Drawers.

For some reason, we couldn't find anyone willing to model a pair of our drawers...so we leave it to this fellow to show you how they're worn!

Many soldiers had no idea what was being handed to them when they were issued their first pair of army drawers.  The veterans told them that they were part of a special uniform to be worn on parade.  Some were also told that they should demand of the quartermaster the army issue umbrella.  Fortunately, however, the recruits soon learned that these were not for parade use (and that there was no such thing as an issue umbrella) and the canton flannel drawers were properly worn under the trousers.  Our replica is of a pair worn by Cyrus Batchelder of Bridgeport, CT, manufactured by the New York firm of Alvin Rose.  The original was entirely handsewn, and featured felled seams, eyelets through which a tape tie is threaded at the rear, and double button closure at the front waistband.  The cuffs have tape ties sewn which facilitate securing them around the ankle.

We are in the process of making arrangements with a museum to reproduce a heretofore unknown pattern of drawers, which incorporate many of the techniques seen on those of government issue.  Without markings, there is no way to be 100% sure (only one half of the pair remains) that they were government issue, but they were worn by a New York soldier towards the end of the war, who was wounded while wearing them.

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Detail of the front, showing waistband, front opening, and eyelets in waistband.

Interior of cuff showing handsewing of hem, tape tie, and exterior of flat-felled inseam.

Waistband, showing inspector's and maker's stamps, as well as side dart.

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All visible stitching by hand . . . . . $85.00
Entirely handsewn . . . . . $100.00

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