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"I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. You are PHENOMENAL!!!! The dress came in today's mail; I couldn't believe it. I love what you have done, and the fabric is great." - Jeanne Schnupp, 119th NYSV

Got [the Richmond Depot type II jacket] this morning, and I am 200% satisfied. The fit is perfect, the length is what I needed, & the workmanship is superb! You're on the top of my list for hand made garments, I love it. And the wait wasn't 6 months. Thanks again, you'll definitely hear from me soon." - Rob Freund, collector

"I bought that wonderful shirt you made with the red piping for a very lucky male friend of mine..." - Kathryn Coombs, Atlantic Guard Soldiers' Aid Society

"The first dress that Alaina made for me was breath taking.  Simple but stylish and perfect for my persona and my pocket.  I had purchased a few dresses before that one but none could compare.  I now own 3 such dresses and will continue to use her talents to make my impression better.  I hope that Alaina will continue to sew for me as long as we are in this grand hobby. She is knowledgeable and talented and very good company." - Miss Patti, 9th VA Soldiers' Aid Society

"I have purchased three Civil War Reenactment dresses from Alaina, each being better than the one before it.  They are constructed to the specifications of even the most discriminating living historian. She is a pleasure to do business with and has continued to provide beautiful as well as inexpensive products, and I hope that she continues to sew while I reenact so that I may make use of her exquisite creations." - Gracie Grubaugh, 30th Indiana Volunteer Infantry

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love the ticking haversack and USCC housewife I picked up from you at the drill this past weekend. Besides my CS impression, the haversack will come in handy for the new civilian kit I've put together. I'll be using it out in Ohio at the Crabill House event in August. I have a particular facination with housewives (sewing kits I mean!) and wallets of the 19th century and yours is a fine addition to my collection." - Larry McIrvin, SAC Co., Liberty Rifles

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