Fatigue Blouses.

James Thompson wearing a Myrtle Avenue fatigue blouse on the set of
"No Retreat from Destiny."

A simple and utlitarian garment, the army fatigue blouse, or sack coat, was one of the most universally issued enlisted garment during the war.  Our replica of a Schuylkill Arsenal blouse takes into account the many variations seen among surviving originals and photographs, including one in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution, and the blouse worn by Sgt. Franklin Smith of the 4th Mass. Cavalry (ref. page 107, Echoes of Glory: Arms and Equipment of the Union) which we had the opportunity to observe before it was recently sold.  We have also added some features which represent the cost-effective measures taken by government arsenals, including color-mismatched facings, and a pieced under collar.  With a three-piece body, one-piece sleeve, flat-bottomed pocket bag, and square-edged collar, our blouses can be lined with an array of fabric -- from jean, to lightweight wool, to cotton shirting.  As with many garments of Schuylkill Arsenal provenance, this coat features extensive hand-sewing, and has the usual "SA" and sizing dots in the sleeve.  Four general service Eagle buttons from Military Warehouse complete the coat.

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Interior breast view, showing lining, and mismatched facing.

Upper breast exterior and cuff, showing hand topstitching, button/buttonhole, and mismatched cuff facing.

Interior sleeve view showing jeancloth lining and sleeve stamps.

Front view showing topstitching and pocket bag stitching.

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All visible stitching by hand (machined main seams) . . . . . $260.00
Entirely handsewn . . . . . $330.00

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