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Federal Issue Shirt

Made and issued by the millions, the standard army shirt of the Civil War was issued at the rate of about three per year to soldiers. Coarse and scratchy, its domet flannel (blend of wool and cotton) content and simple construction exemplified the tendency of the government to worry more about durability and cost-effectiveness than comfort and style.

Our shirt is patterned from an original manufactured by the New York firm of A.S. Saroni, which was entirely handsewn. Tin buttons fasten the shirt at the next and cuffs. You have the option of an entirely handsewn shirt, or one featuring only visible stitching by hand.

The shirt was issued in one standard size, meant to fit up to a 44" chest and 16" neck, but larger sizes may be requested by special order. Finally, ours are marked similar to the original with our own maker's and inspector's stamp.

Federal Issue Shirt Thumbnails

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  1. A view of the entire shirt.
  2. The shirt being worn by a dashing young soldier of the 14th Brooklyn N.Y.S.M.
  3. Detail of handstitching on the shoulder reinforcement strap, and backstitching around the base of the collar.
  4. Detail of cuff.

Ordering the Federal Issue Shirt

Please contact Marc through e-mail at [email protected] or telephone (917) 407-9180. For more information about ordering, please visit our Terms & Contact page.

Issue size unless otherwise requested.

Entirely handsewn, $145.00
All visible stitching by hand (machined main seams), $120.00

All prices include shipping and handling.

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