EAGLE ENGINE Co. 13 - 5 Duane St.
Organized 1783.

Commanded by Capt. Michael Tagen, a printer by trade, who wore Engine 13's badge number 85 with his uniform.
Image from private collection.

Daniel Divver, 2nd Lieutenant of Company G, 11th New York.
Divver was mortally wounded in the charge at Bull Run. His body was never recovered.

Engine 13 had a target shooting organization, the Donovan Guards.

Among the company's members was James J. Ferris, who had commanded a local militia organization called the Continental Blues. Despite his experience, he insisted on entering the 11th New York as an enlisted man. Rising to the rank of Sergeant, he received a battlefield promotion at Bull Run from Colonel Farnham, but he never received his commission, and was discharged with a serious wound.