Myrtle Avenue Clothiers

Welcome to Myrtle Avenue Clothiers.

Sadly, the prolific New York tailoring firms and dressmaking establishments are no longer as abundant as they once were. The custom-made and, in later years, ready-made garment industries were mainstays of mid-19th century New York.

When the Civil War broke out in 1861, many of these firms switched to production of military goods, while dressmakers continued to ply their trade.

Myrtle Avenue Clothiers endeavors to replicate the material past as accurately as possible for the serious living historian. In the spirit of the garment industry of centuries past, we offer both ready-made and custom garments, for military and civilian applications.

As living historians, we are aware of the importance of portraying the people of the past as accurately as possible. “Authentic recreation” requires an understanding not only of the “big picture” of the past, but also of the period's material culture.

One of the best ways to understand this is through the study of clothing: every thread tells a story, every stitch has a purpose. That is why the garments we make are, wherever possible, either patterned directly from originals, or constructed using techniques found in originals. We have copied garments from both museum and private collections, including the New York City Fire Museum, the Suffolk County Historical Society, and Fort Mott State Park.

Authentic Campaigner Approved Vendor