Myrtle Avenue Clothiers

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If you would like to order any of these items, please contact Marc through e-mail at [email protected] or telephone (917) 407-9180 first to make sure we still have them, or to request additional pictures.

Prices include shipping and handling. The following list is accurate as of June 29, 2006.

Federal Issue Drawers

Approx. 38 waist - All visible stitching by hand.


Richmond Depot Jacket, Type III

Size 40 - Made from a heavy, smooth-faced blue-gray kersey, slightly more gray than blue, different from any fabric previously offered by the usual suppliers! Federal eagle buttons included. All visible stitching is by hand.


Confederate Ambulance Corps Armband

These were worn by CS soldiers assigned to the Ambulance Corps, responsible for safely getting wounded men away from the front to a rear area.

Measurements from an original in a private collection, entirely handsewn, on heavy red wool backing. 17" long, 4" high.