Knit Goods

Myrtle Avenue has teamed up with our good friend Natalie Baur to bring you historically accurate replicas of knit goods for military and civilian applications.

Natalie does all of her knitting by hand, and has examined original specimens and uses period patterns for her work.

We are very excited to be able to bring you the "Chester County Sock," based on a design published during the war by the U.S. Sanitary Commission, pictured below.

Depending on Natalie's workload (she, like all of us, has a life apart from historical reproductions), these may be custom ordered, but will likely be offered only as in-stock items.

Natalie is also able to make items such as trigger finger mittens, the custom ordering of which will likewise depend on her workload.

Please contact us with your inquiries, and don't forget to check the in-stock page for knit goods ready to be shipped!