Corner Clothiers -
Our friends Kara and Brian are your source for all sorts of civilian wear -- and carry our products from time to time, too!

Chris Semancik's Forage Caps -
Chris Semancik's 1858 pattern forage cap is considered one of the best on the market. Other types of military headgear may also be avaliable.

TP&H Trading Co. -

Tim Bender is not only a great guy, but an incredible hatter. His shag fur top hats are works of art.

Music Hall -
Marty Liebschner constructs and plays period banjos better than anyone we've known, and is also great to deal with.

Family Heirloom Weavers -
Although the Klines are not generally producing 19th century fabrics anymore, we've included a link to them in hopes that Pat will curb his "Brooklyn sucks" routine...

And, because we care about other eras, too...

At the Front -
What was once known as the source for German WWII replicas is doing a great job of reproducing American uniforms and gear. Come for the merchandise, stay for the "Weekly Rant."

The Homefront -
One of the swellest joints in Gettysburg, featuring original '40s housewares and cute replica dresses. Definitely the place to fit in when you're wearing M-43's in the middle of Remembrance Day or something equally odd.

More sites will be added eventually. E-mail us if you want in.