A bus driver suffered a heart attack behind the wheel, causing the bus to strike several vehicles and pedestrians before crashing into a building. Daily News front page, along with photo by David Handschuh (top).
October 2, 1997.

Two people were injured when  a car overturned on 65th Street near 10th Avenue, Brooklyn. Bay Ridge Paper front page.
February 17, 1998.

Accident on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway used to illustrate story about auto insurance fraud. Daily News front page, edition of
July 22, 2001.

A man was killed and his wife seriously injured when a container that became detached from a tractor-trailer crushed their car on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway near Tillary Street.
Date unkown, 2001.

A young boy is treated by emergency workers after he was hit by a car.
July 4, 1997.

Paramedic treats an elderly woman injured by flying glass when the vehicle in which she was riding was broadsided in the intersection of Henry and Joralemon Streets, Brooklyn.
December 1, 2004.

A distraught man kept police officers in conversation for several hours atop the Brooklyn tower of the Brooklyn Bridge, but said he was "determined to die" and plunged to his death (inset.)
September, 2000.

Robert Landetta, 27, attempted to secure a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records by climbing five bridges in four hours. Unfortunately, he slipped from a vertical cable on the Brooklyn Bridge and fell to his death. These images, as published by the Brooklyn Paper, won an Honorable Mention in the 1999 contest sponsored by the Independent Free Papers of America.
April, 1999.

A woman clings to the balcony of her Manhattan apartment, threatening to jump after breaking up with her fiancé. Police officers managed to pull her to safety -- and she thanked them.
May, 2000.

A plane leaving JFK International Airport bound for the Dominican Republic crashed in a residential neighborhood four minutes after takeoff. This boy looked out the window to find a piece of the aircraft on the street in front of his home.
November 12, 2001.

A man working with a circular saw in an apartment on Remsen Street, Brooklyn, accidentally cut his wrist. His colleague gave him the shirt off his back to use as a tourniquet until EMS arrived.
August 11, 1998.

Emergency workers treat a man in the ambulance en route to St. Clare's Hospital who was found suffering from an apparent seizure in the Port Authority Bus Terminal on 9th Avenue.
February, 2001.

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