Shell casings are marked by NYPD Crime Scene unit after a homicide in the housing projects at Hassock Street and Beach Channel Drive, Rockaway.
March 10, 2000.

Paramedics rush a shooting victim to an ambulance aboard a shopping cart. The victim sought refuge inside the supermarket after he was wounded in a shooting that killed another man.
December 5, 2001.

Cops apprehend a suspect who burglarized a drug store on Montague Street, Brooklyn.
February 5, 2001.

Emergency Services Unit cop is all smiles after the successful capture of the burglary suspect.
February 5, 2001.

A representative of the Community Affairs Unit talks to residents of Borough Park, Brooklyn, after Gidone Busch, a mentally disturbed Hasidic man, was shot and killed by police whom, they say, came at them wielding a hammer.
August 30, 1999.

Detectives investigate a badly decomposed body that was recovered from Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal, apparently the victim of a homicide.
August 18, 1998.

Police Officer Curtis Garvey, of ESU Truck 8, checks his gear before going in search of a suspect who fled police custody at Brooklyn Criminal Court.
February 28, 2002.

An officer from the NYPD's Harbor Unit recovers a weapon from the bottom of the murky Bay Ridge Channel in a training exercise.
June, 2000.

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