Pattern editor:Alaina has been appointed a "Pattern Editor" for  Victoria Louise, Mercers. She has already done test work for them on a few patterns, and is preparing for a few more in the near future.

New York City Fire Museum:We are thrilled to be working with the New York City Fire Museum on an upcoming exhibit about the regiments of Fire Zouaves that served in the Civil War. We have been commissioned to make replicas of clothing for four mannequins which will depict enlisted men and an officer of the 11th New York Regiment (First Fire Zouaves) and 73rd New York Regiment (Second Fire Zouaves). With the assistance of Chris Sullivan of Stony Brook Company, we hope to bring an authentic depiction of the uniforms worn by these men, from the gray zouave jackets of Colonel Ellsworth's design to the red flannel fireman's shirt that the men defiantly wore on the battlefield. We have already examined several original fire shirts on which the reproductions will be based.

    Fire Marshal Ronald Bucca was an integral part of the exhibit planning committee, and his knowledge of the Civil War was impressive, to say the least. His philosophy was that all the reproduction items in the exhibit, even the parts which wouldn't be seen, should be as accurate as possible. He was working on tracking down original firearms to put on display, and we were looking forward to the September 14th planning meeting to hear what he had come up with. On September 11th, however, Ron found himself on the 74th floor of the north tower of the World Trade Center helping people get out of the building when it collapsed. He became the first New York City Fire Marshal ever to die in the line of duty. Approximately 25 reenactors, including Myrtle Avenue's Marc Hermann who wore the uniform of a fire zouave, provided an honor guard for Bucca's funeral. The exhibit will be slightly postponed, but it will go on, and our work for it will be dedicated to Ron's memory.

Photo by Thomas Monaster, N.Y. Daily News

5th New York Zouave Uniform:The Suffolk County Historical Society  this summer asked us to pattern and photograph a complete uniform belonging to Sergeant Benjamin T. Davis who served in the 5th New York Regiment. The uniform, which consists of a jacket, shirt, pantaloons, sash, and fez was placed into storage for preservation.

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