1. Support. 2. ARMS.*

One time and three motions.
(First motion.) At the command arms raise the piece with the left hand (elbow bent) about four inches, without turning the piece-at the same time with the right hand seize the small of the stock, thumb under and against the shoulder of the lock, fingers closed and against the out-side of the small or handle.
(Second motion.)  Quit the butt with the left hand; place the left fore-arm under the hammer, the little finger on top of and resting on the body belt, hand opposite to the centre of the body; the weight of the musket resting on the fore-arm near the wrist, and the piece perpendicular.
(Third motion.)  Drop the right hand by its side and the position is complete.

* NOTE: Baxter's manual utilized the "older" style of Shouldered Arms with the left hand.