Myrtle Avenue Clothiers

Terms & Contact.

Payment & Shipping


Items may be returned after a 10-day inspection period if there is a problem with sizing or a defect in workmanship. Any item returned must be in its original condition (i.e. don't expect to get a free rental for the weekend of the Mudsville anniversary re-enactment) if a refund or exchange is to be given.

Sorry, we do not offer refunds on custom garments that require anything other than stock sizes/measurements.

Custom Orders & Authenticity

Wherever possible, our items are copied from original specimens or using techniques/styles irrefutably known to exist in the period. There is a lot of room for creativity in SOME CASES, i.e. colors/styles of some civilian or non-military regulation items, so we will entertain requests for custom orders along these lines.

HOWEVER, if it's competely ridiculous, we won't do it. In other words, if it's questionable, be prepared to back up your request with documentation. That means no fatigue blouses out of woodland camo, or issue shirts out of silk-lined woolen broadcloth with seventeen breast pockets. We're happy to assist you with research to a point, but can not be expected to do all of your homework, as it were.


Please keep in mind that we are the smallest of small businesses. While it would would be swell if it were a full-time venture, it's not. There may be times where the workload can cause us to fall behind in filling orders, but if this is ever the case, we will notify you. If the window of time is too ridiculous for your liking, then a refund may be issued if materials have not been procured and/or work has not already started.

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